Gastroenterologist Designed

Unique Dual Layer Construction

Medical Grade Memory Foam

Scientifically Researched Dimensions

Chiropractor Approved for Back and Neck Health

Acid Reflux - Gerd - Heartburn - Hiatal Hernia - Barrett's Esophagus - Congestive Heart Failure - Sleep Apnea - Snoring - Sinus Problems - Surgical Problems - Surgical Recovery - Digestive & Stomach Problems

The #1 suggested treatment to alleviate pain and problems associated with acid reflux is to sleep on an incline using gravity to help prevent stomach acid from coming back into the throat protecting the esophagus from acid dangers. 

The Prop Up Pillow can help with these conditions and more.  You will have the most innovative pillow on the market to date.  There are others on the market with improper elevations, or are hard and uncomfortable, made of polyurethane foam causing discomfort, which can actually worsen your symptoms. This luxurious patented pillow made with memory foam is designed to provide ultimate comfort that will produce the relief you are seeking. 

What makes the Prop-Up Pillow different from all the other pillows on the market? 

The Prop-Up Pillow was designed in part by a gastroenterologist as well as a chiropractor.  These two specialties were utilized to ensure the Prop-Up Pillow was not only effective at controlling the symptoms of acid reflux but equally as important, to be as comfortable as possible.  The simple fact is, regardless of how well the pillow controls acid reflux, if it is uncomfortable you won't be able to sleep.  If you can't sleep you won’t use it.  If you don't use it How Can It Help???


Simple and Non-Surgical Solution:  
before prop up pillow        after prop up pillow

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